About Us


Luxury furniture is not just for a comfortable living but also for a luxurious living. It is charming and attractive to see a house filled with minimum yet profound pieces of furniture and fittings. There are people who love collecting such unique pieces to beautify their house. If you are a person of this kind, then we are here to enhance your tastes with better choices.  We are dealers in antique pieces and have in store some unique, beautiful and charming pieces of furniture with us. Visit us to know more about us. You can be sure of the quality we offer. We attach the story behind for each piece and make it a memory to cherish for ages.

You can find with us some of the unseen pieces ever and we promise to offer them at the best possible prices, which are offered by none. You will definitely not find a similar piece elsewhere and even if there is one, the prices that we offer cannot be matched. We also guide and assist our customers with the maintenance tips for keeping the shine and luster of the furniture as fresh as they were bought. So this is going to keep your piece picture-perfect and evergreen, adding beauty to the house forever.

Furniture is an essential part of a house and to have the best pieces, you should come to us. We also have staffs who can visit your place for a call to analyze the floor and room size. Now based on this calculation, we give you suggestions as to what type and size of furniture would fit your living area. This is a unique service, not offered by many.  So avail the best services, at best prices at the best time and enjoy a comfortable, luxurious life and keep the visitors wondering.

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